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3 Strategies to Improve Self Awareness

"When it comes to deciding CHANGE for yourself, habits are a great mechanism to start. Today I'll be suggesting 3 ways you can start change and how the little things in life do matter." -Mitch ​:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Strategy #1 of 3: Taking 10 minute breaks helps chunk down what is needed to get done towards a bigger goal.  You might think, ha, 10 minutes isn't enough time to compile all my questions and layout in a plan? What you don't know is this is the first practice test on yourself on having PATIENCE & TIME.  We have 24 hours in a day, half of that we spend more on eating, sleeping, and scrolling news-feed on the web.  Time is very valuable and not using it wisely, will end up feeling you've missed out. We have goals and dreams one desires in their lifetime.  Breaking it down to ten minutes helps the reader or thinker to be more inspired and positive on their goals and

7 Ways to Increase Productivity: Understanding Viewpoints

Building a foundation where you can provide for your family and friends. An ultimate goal, we achieve yearly. Setting aside for those emergency funds and donating to causes alike to support belief and connectivity upon communities. ​As you should know by now, everyone in the world is living a different perspective and configuration of life. It is time to step out of the boundary of being content and staying in our bubbles. Whether you like it or not, their seems to be lots of wishing and hoping to get closer to achieving their goals to better fit their configured desired lifestyle. Money seems to be the tool that most have a tough time handling. We spend more than we make, it is a floating fact that it is hard to choke down sometimes, but it is definitely true, especially with the millennial period of social media platforms. ​Looking at a global perspective, their seems to be a confusion between wishing and hoping versus doing and implementing the ideas we want for ou