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Interests Rates in 2019 that are FDIC-insured: Earning 20x-40x by going digital!

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Digital banks have become the "IT" factor when it comes to shopping for the best rates. Whether you are saving for a vacation, saving away for a rainy day or simply saving away for a house can be tedious. Lots of time spent personally away from your day-to-day functions. Through our research and discoveries, we have analyzed corporations, credit unions and digital banks looking for sustainable solutions for the daily consumer to learn, earn, and grow with pride and focus. In this segment, we are going to teach you the basis of various digital banks that are looking for a sustainable solution towards treating consumers as human beings than just a piece of paper.

If you were interested to learn more about how we breakdown the cost of savings between corporate and digital banks, check our link below for our in-depth analysis:

How to Gain 20X up to 70X the interest rate?

We are proud to bridge a company that cares over the sake of treating each customer as a customer and bridges financial strategies to offset experiences to customers that will bring clarity and focus. 

We have been on a waiting list regarding new products that will be coming to the pubic. Finally they have opened there doors and are accepting invitation only. If you would like to EARN a base of 1.70% interest in a savings account and learn how to markup to 3% and then 7%, learn more about Billies and how they can help you save on the daily.

The best part, no minimum fees, no fees EVER, literally!
FDIC-insured and protected up to $250,000.00!
Works in compliance with all banks to grow your Savings!

Why is the interest savings so high?

Through understanding how brick and mortar banks work and credit unions, it is important to know that corporate banks are for profits and credit unions are non-profits. Nationwide coverage versus regional coverage. On a stands point, a typical bank earns a whopping 4%-7% annually of interest but consumers are only offered a fraction of those profits of interest savings with a low rate of 0.10-0.16% in a savings account. That is really low. So the company decided to change this metric and wanted to provide those incentives back to the consumers. This teaches financial habits and action cards to learn how to grow your savings but also focuses on the the next generation, such as the Millennial's. A product that is solving a brick and mortar issue and clarity for the consumer.

Ready to Discover?? Click the "hyperlink" or "Photo" to be redirected to the Official Site:


 meetbeam official site

This case study was conducted on 09/30/2019 regarding savings, understanding fees, costs, and regional outputs of public data. We have been a client of meetbeam since the waiting list abrupted. From early 2017 beta launch and following the company upon there mission statement. With beam you earn a base of 1.70%, learn how to grow to 3% and collect billies to increase your threshold to 7%. The action cards provided within the app provides a simple an formal way to budget and grow savings like never before.


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