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How to Spot Fake Reviews in the Digital Economy

Fluctuating prices, constantly configuring the best prices for the consumer to snatch the best deals. It comes to one mind when researching for product on various integrations but how do you know if you are getting the TRUE value of the product or service.

Over the past few months, we have been constantly researching over a resolution to this confusion of product purchasing.

How to Spot Fake Reviews? 

[Our Case Study on Ember Ceramic Mugs]

When you find a product you want to buy, look over the reviews. Most likely if the review is only a word or a fragmented sentence, most likely it isn't a true review. Most reviews* will look like this below:

*potential fake reviews.

Now look at a direct companies website on a reviews: What Real Reviews Look Like:

Now that is a HUGE difference on how a consumer is giving a TRUE value of a review versus a short snippet of the product. The consumer is looking over the experience. To combine real and fake reviews, how do you decipher what you are purchasing on the daily.

Through our analysis and our findings, here is a website that searches over the major brands your make purchases everyday. Would you like to know if you are purchasing from a 3rd party versus the actual company? Would you like a grading rating over products you search?

Here are a few tips:

1. When you find the product you are looking for, check to see to whom wrote the post or product. If it says the actual companies name and not another affiliation, then you are good to go.

***When verifying reviews, here is our best actionable strategy that we've implemented to provide security and like-minded interest towards the TRUE value of the product or service.***

3. Quality Control your work of research. By checking the actual companies website, there are more offerings and savings that are being promoted from there store site versus a 3rd party affiliation program.

Would you like research for product finding be easier? Take a look at the snippet below:

On the terms of product researching, we want to teach the next generation with the tools an techniques to offset there experiences with solutions that bridge awareness and social justice over a purchase order. To find solutions for TRUE valuations and review companies policies regarding reselling, wholesale, or 3rd party resells which could potentially lead to more returns than normal.

By creating a grading scale for brands you research, it gives clarity on TRUE value vs. FALSE value.

We found that even,,, or even is always changing the algorithm of products and services, but what exactly does that differ from the actual brands that you buy? We found an increase between a fluctuating $2-$5 difference per product versus the actual website.

So how do you know if you are getting a good deal?

Use our best recommended product that is free for the public to use on the daily. This integration is also web extension compatibility so just like daily shopping, an analytical tool to spot fake reviews. You are welcome. Here is a snippet of the site for reassurance.


We hope you enjoy our journey with deep analysis and topics of discussion that will bridge awareness on the daily. If we have helped clarify a service or find a great alternative solution, let us know. We love feedback which helps us consume which data pieces to next discuss over transparent focus and communication that excels.

Happy Savings from My Next Focus Blog!

This research was conducted from April 2019 towards the end of August 2019. As prices are fluctuating, we hope you find a resolution to FAKE reviews: 
Why? It is important to know what you buy, is what it is, not a copy-cat of a brand trying to resell to create a profit. This isn't sustainable especially with social responsibility and daily consumption in plastic and paper waste. Imagine if a patent company created a new discovery and another 3rd recreates but isn't sustainable for the planet. It creates a limbo effect which doesn't resolve the solution, but makes it harder for patents to grow there channels with efficiency. Also, brands that copy-cat are up for a potential lawsuit to not abide by the terms and conditions and should and will be evaluated. 
Why? To protect the consumers, to protect patented brands from product creation, and to avoid duplication. We used fakespot reviews to analyze various products we buy on the daily and was super shocked over how many TRUE value reviews were really on each set platform. Providing back dashboards that tell you more of a site for a solution will bridge clarity and a trust of transparent focus worth discussing on the daily. Don't ever over pay for the items you endure.


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