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How to Sh*t, Shave & Shower ON-THE-GO: Leak Proof + TSA Approved!!

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Traveling takes a lot of packing, organizing, and prioritizing what to bring on your next journey or meeting destination.

Buying miniature plastic bottles to stay within compliance with TSA will help you become a better traveler but it doesn't teaches how those plastic resources are being recycled since in recent studies that plastic isn't so sustainable on planet earth. In this article, we will be discussing a company that focuses over our well-being over plastic consumption and how to be TSA compliant within the travel industry.

Traveling shouldn't be waiting with TSA to figure out what each item contains. It should be an easy transaction where you the traveler is getting to the next destination. So, how do you care for the environment while also packing light?

In today's innovation, the next generation are creating strategies and techniques where resources aren't a far reach and the wait times are much shorter online than in a brick and mortar retail store. If you read the title of this article, you will be getting just that. Where "click-bait" meets direct demand via the consumers focus and environmental focus. 

This company focused strictly on the plastic consumption we create. Traveling is one metric to thinking outside of the box since exchanging gifts to bringing gifts back to home-base is our nature of habit to experience the human experience.

A company that uses 62% less plastic than common brands we seek today to experience and once a bottle goes empty, 50% of the time it isn't really being recycled accordingly. As best we do on the daily to care for the environment, it will take a community focused to sustain our economic innovations and growth output into something newer, fresher, and much more direct. By analyzing companies that take the middlemen out of there business protocols, it has increased the audience and demographics per region to really see what effects our global market as a whole function and how do we work together on achieving that momentum of security and trust.

Take care of business whenever, wherever - in a public restroom, the gym, the office or as you fly in a mile-high all too small bathroom [SqueezePods]

 Photo Credit: SqueezePods

We enjoyed the, "Sh*t, Shower & Shave Toiletry Kit.

The best part the company sustains there focus, Free Shipping for purchases more than $15 and you'll receive 18 portable pods that includes:

  • 2 Pods Each: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash
  • 3 Pods Each: Hair Gel, Moisturizing Lotion, Shave Cream & Toilet Odor Eliminator
So, the next time you are on the go and need to pack lighter, you can trust Squeezepods to get the job done! We know we are.

We know from the back of our brains that matching brands with consumers alike will create a deeper focus on patented brands versus brands that "copy-cat" the model of a business rather helping our environments. Our mission is to report those "copy-cat" brands while analyzing data points within the industry, public data that is open for the community to understand, and metrics where we finalize our results on how that company in particular is helping our initiatives as a one planet, one mind so the focus bridges a deeper focus on how products are made to what ingredients are safe for cleansing use as well as lifestyle use. This case study was conducted on 10/31/2019. 


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