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2020 Mindset to Home Ownership: Learn & Save while enduring Matching Contributions [Tax-Free]

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It is a New Year with greater intentions. The year of focus and the endless possibilities on research and simplification. One can question a developer for software engineer to create the most impossibles but in today's innovations those services are already here. It takes time and analysis to review an application but within those processes comes rewards.

As we take a look over financial and budgeting tools that are digital fluent and doesn't incur a ton of overhead is important to consumers. It feels like everything we do or create, the cost of fees are always in the mode of lurking.

Today we are going to take a deeper focus into the cost and expenses within a first home buyer's experience. While we talk about the issues and problems towards saving for a home, platforms far and wide are on the digital platform but to be able to surface those applications and services, we must first discuss and talk about the basics of the home buying experience.

It can feel like a overhaul sometimes when savings for a home. To most, two is better than one over savings for a home. It could be of realization overtime that one must focus on savings than rental costs, insurance premiums and future emergency funds for those karma days of no heat, water pressure is low over how cold the winter days may get in the Midwest. In the strategies we provide, a startup company is focusing on these initiatives but also teaching those around with the knowledge and focus to save big on while saving for a home. Modules and assessments that teaches ones vision as well as articles of research that help clarify any missing pieces of the puzzle.

We are excited to have reviewed this company and able to discuss the many benefits on the consumers side how this company helps new home buyer's with the experiences of purchasing and seeing how marking a down payment of various percentile metrics helps forecast the outcome of the equity class. The best part is they are FDIC* insured. We pride to research and analyze products and applications that suit the daily reader, but also decipher the possible outcomes that what may endure while experiencing a savings pool separate from there savings but be able to self diversify if ones budget interchanges with another significant.

Earlier on the start of the company, they had offered roughly a 2% savings back when you followed a tier of money towards your savings. The interest is paid out in matching contributions per month. Another layer of incentives, the earnings of the matching contributions are tax-free! It is helping and teaching the value of money but also taught the savings behind compound interest in a secured FDIC** insured account.

The account costs $1/month to use, and has four contribution tiers:

First $50/month yields 20% matching (maximum of $10*)
Next $100/month yields 10% matching (maximum of $10*)
Next $200/month yields 5% matching (maximum of $10*)
Next $1,000/month yields 1% matching (maximum of $10*)

*This comes out to a total potential of $40/month if contributing $1,350, or $39/month if considering the monthly fee. These earnings also expire after five years.


**FDIC - insured up to $250,000 dollars. [Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.]

The company is called Digs. []

This service is free to the public. A company that focuses over Home Ownership while teaching strategic values and principles over policy and overhead expenses.

A great tip on our behalf when buying a home, getting familiar with your DTI [Debt to Income] Ratio, which should be less than 36%. Another metric to be familiarized is HTI which stands for Home to Income Ratio which as we researched around to find an average percentile, we came across a great number to follow under 31%. Discover more with and learn more on what is a healthy level or threshold in order to successfully buy a home and have home ownership.

This product review was conducted on January 2nd, 2020. We pride to find daily problems and resolve by reviewing a product, service or application that simplifies the expenses and saves time while creating a universal space to discuss over the beneficial factors and the user experience behind a service with great value and excellence. 


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