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5 Brands Making Daily Regimens Possible: The Modernized & Diversified

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We all have different genomes, DNA, and diversified climates in various regions living society and culture on the daily. 

So how do you beat the frizzy fanatic when days you never planned or those days of procrastination and need to look top notch for the next travel initiative? 

We analyzed various products and services that are used within retail to online shopping. Finding a customized company that cares over the sake of nature, personal daily routines, and regimen that fits all types of lifestyles. 

Finally, we sourced out the companies that focus on results. The norm is more than quantity, it is the quality effect consumers are wanting. Here are our best 5 picks over personal care routine and provide a flexible and customized solution on the daily. 

Like the saying goes, you are what you eat, goes into consideration for body and personal care, you are what you put on. Finding products that are PETA cruelty free, vegan free, sulfate-free or even silicone free is important to know the facts and weighing out the opinions. 

Let's take a Dive Deeper!
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{ HAIR - Daily Haircare Regimen for Every Hair Type }

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Parent organization of Unilever, LivingProof is changing how you care for you hair treatment. Whether you are dealing with frizzy hair or restoring the vitamins and minerals within your hair, living proof has you covered. There focus is the community focus, since we all live variant lifestyles, there mission is to concur all types of hair and body care. They also dipped into dry shampoos for those deadline driven days to catching the next taxi. No matter the style or need a solution that benefits proper hair care, check out livingproof today. 

Living proof is PETA cruelty free & sulfate-free! For a complete list of ingredients per type of product, Click Here to learn more over care & hair.

Photo Credited: LivingProof

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The face behind this brand goes by the name Edward Zo. A content creator aspiring in film and acting. Inspiring the everyday lifestyle with greater solutions to concur on the daily. The focus on creating a simple daily men's regimen is essential to look on fleek while staying sharp throughout the weather ahead. You won't find any of these products in retail stores of that sort, making the urgency exclusively for online shoppers and companies that focuses on personal care routines. There are 3 main phases when using moonfiber products:

Phase One - prep your hair
Phase Two - style your hair
Phase Three - perfect your hair

To learn more about moonfiber products, visit the link below to directly link to the shop! Take a look around and check out the FAQ-hint,hint.... adds more security and trust over the type of hair you have and how to care over quality experiences.

Photo Credited: @EdwardZo

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Just as keeping your head of hair is important for some. Some turn to hair regrowth for confidence or just looking younger seems to be the name of the game on the daily.

Just like a company called Rogaine, that is rated as the top trusted brand with over 30+ years of experience in hair regrowth. Rated as the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for thinning hair. Clinically proven, FDA approved. They provide a variance of types such as unscented foam, topical solution and extra strength solution. 

Keeps does the same metric but even better by partnering with a simple consultation with your doctor to keeping eachother accountable on the usage. They also provide an affordable plan while ordering from the comfort of your home. No more waiting lines in the digital economy. Keeps is also FDA approved as per two solutions that are approved by policy which are: Finasteride & Minoxidil.

Click Here to learn more which one you actually need? We all have different styles of hair quality that bridges down to our core DNA.

Photo Credited: Keeps
FACE - Daily Skincare Routine for Every Skin Type:
Photo Credited: Curology

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: A customized facial regimen to clear breakouts, zits, blackheads, and much more complexity between dry, oil to normal skin types. A company that is focused on curing the daily regimen. We face times on fighting the free radicals that surface in our environments within indoor to outdoor climate changes. Answer a few questions while taking a few selfie's to be sent in for review, get personally matched with a professional to discuss the health benefits of the formula and discuss types and experiences on trying store bought retail goods and services but failed the metric with keeping the skin regimen at its peak performance. The best part they focus on a natural and resourceful mechanism to decipher a cleanliness facial care regimen while caring and working for the people of 88% of there threshold pool back in 2016*.

*Based on survey responses collected from 432 Curology patients between 10/11/2016 and 11/08/2016, stating they saw noticeable results.

 { TRAVEL ON-THE-GO - ALL Sustainable Products for Packing Light }

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Dame!!! Just like the name, we were surprised on sustainability over products we use and how resourceful those materials are to being recycled. A company that focused on "HER" perspectives over monthly regimens. A company that offers incentive's towards menstrual care to the over well-being of a healthy and happy women.  Imagine the amount of paper and plastic consumption that is produced on a given month. That's a lot of TAMPONS! Never worry on traveling on the go with a company sustaining the period overhaul. Time for a cleaner and fresher way to self maintain the aspects of Womanhood. Say hello to your new friend in 2020!!

6 Benefit to Switch to a Cleaner and Greener environment:
  1. bleach free
  2. rayon free
  3. pesticide free
  4. fragrance free
  5. biodegradable
  6. 100% organic
Photo Credited: 

If you don't use tampons we've made a special reward for you. Our GIVE A DAME reward allows you to give a D to someone you know would love one, or to the women supported by DAME charity partner, Bloody Good Period. 

So buck the trend - be a badass. Plastic is everyone’s problem. Support a woman and get excited, you're changing an industry!

This case study was done on 10/10/2019 thru 12/23/2019 regarding sustainable goods and services that strives to create the minimalist lifestyle and socially responsible care over our planet and environments. These products and services aren't sponsored meaning we took our hours of research to find solutions for the daily consumer looking to save big on the daily. We strive to provide brands that focuses over the care and well-being of human nature going forward. "Saving more than ever Before." 


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