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Mynextfocus is a blog focused on the minimalist mindset, zero waste, and a more intentional promotion of the intangible things you value most. Our focus is our community focus, by building a network that provides solutions that strives on the daily and clarity with ease. We know from the back of our brains that matching consumers with brands they enjoy and endure, so we went the extra mile and analyzed over 1,000+ integrations on the web. From big to small and from manual to automatic functionality which grows a deeper focus within our environments.

Through our analysis and customized tutorials to help your journey become digital fluent, to help everyone succeed through building a site, store, interest, or empowering our communities that the resources are here, the more we discuss, the more those services surface above waters. Caring for the daily consumer by discussing real-world problems to find the longevity on applications and integrations which helps us learn, earn and grow.

The extra L.E.G. you need in an innovative digital economy and a personal-care development routine. We bring the "T" back in tech and having a discussion and conversation over the processes at hand while following protocol, policy and compliance.

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We are focused on creating 100% creativity and originality. Let's reduce our consumption by analyzing our blog initiatives by reporting our media coverage. Using appropriate parentheticals while being resourceful. 

Forbes Fact Finding: Back in mid-2012, the statistical data overhead through aggregated data that found 543,000 American Entrepreneurs are created per month. Fast forward 2020, we are closing at a threshold of roughly 27* million self-employed entrepreneurs!! The difference is only 8 years. What does that mean for service providers and product creators? Growth.
*according to @smallbizgenius

On a theory note, we can assume that the output of services given from 2012 to 2020 with a difference of growth of tracking data within 8 years, we found that we have nearly doubled our productivity. Like the advanced technologies in network infrastructures, we can allocate that the future will keep increasing its margins with a staggering growth rate of between 50% to 70% in various markets.

As we move on learning the ongoing process and innovations that creates the economy moving forward, we can theoretically say that we focus on accepting 1% of the margins of market and product creation. By simplifying our processes, we can self-allocate a better service quality rather quantity.

Our focus is our consumers focus. As we have complex issues that arise, we take the time and resources to find a premium, affordable, and well customer experience protocol regarding retention, transparent focus, and covering the media over social awareness integrations that rewards users to continue to learn, earn, and grow. We live in a growing economy where new brands and services seems to catch a shy eye on the table.

We analyze these applications to support the initiative to protect our consumers data while analyzing our resources. We aren't re-creating the wheel, we are simply taking it to a molecular level to understand the process at hand, understand the risk tolerance, and understand the companies vision and mission to sustain the community and network around us. Checkout our "Portfolio Card" HERE.....

"Aspire to Inspire, Not Expire." - Mitch [UI Content Writer]

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We are putting the "Y" (why-aspect) back into "OUR" (our-aspect) Focus. 


By doing these 3 actionable steps, you are supporting a blog site that is focused on sustaining our case study over product and market research to find solutions for the daily consumer. Saving more than ever Before, welcome to My Next Focus!

Take a look at some of our collective strategies and processes regarding welcoming change for the better and perspectives to be mindful on weighing opinions versus facts. We weigh more opinions than factual data. By bridging our focus with factual data to allocate real-world experiences towards efficiency, we can all endure a savings towards the daily consumer:

1. How to welcome change and perspectives?
2. How to action plan?
3. 7 Ways to increase productivity: Understanding Viewpoints


[Consumer consumption over 50 State Region metric on Vehicle Expenses & Fuel Consumption.]

By providing these resources as a digital neural network, we can be reminded and become mindful of the processes at hand. To be an advocate to outreach resources and to allocate a better user-friendly protocol. Sharing is caring. ((=^_^=))

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