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Budget to Grow Savings

Budgeting, it is that time of the season where spending habits are ballistic and we find the many excuses why we hadn't saved the right amount to cover the expense ratio.

When times calls for desperate measures, turning to payday loans with racking interest rates and scurrying around to find a part time job. In our economy today, innovation is striving at its peak.

We could never run out of innovation because our human brains searches for solutions to help businesses prosper. There may be times of stress, anxiety, and doubt.

Consistency and keeping a positive outlook toward the future will clear most of the clutter the sub-conscious side of the brain treads over and over again. In a way wasting time to getting the things that needs to be accomplish within the month.

As we strive for solutions, it is crazy to think how many products and services we use on the daily.

Ones that provide more efficiency and ones that help when times are more stressed than others.

After months of research, when it comes to solutions, it all comes down to credit expense and time management. When I compare a product or service on the longevity of savings, there isn't another application that does the job than the one I've case studied on.

The company I'm talking upon is MoneyLion!

Never heard of MoneyLion, now is the time where new innovation are striving for solutions rather scurry on personal income.

The platform is a Mobile App found on the Apple & Android stores which helps consumers build a better savings portfolio as well as provide incentives like earning $25 Gift Card after 2500 pts.

There are ways to claim points with daily actions and accountability. I, myself have tested this out for about 6 months just to see how I like the service and how it benefits my credit expense.

Another cool perk they have is a small expense loan with a very low interest rate of 5.99%. They offer a 500 loan at a 5.99% rate at a 12 month spread on pay schedule.

I was able to pay off my loan after 7 months of using the application when I had a tough time paying my moving costs for college and work expenses. There isn't a limit after completing the first paid loan, also can re-apply for another load of $500 without hurting credit.

Coming soon they will have 12% cash back on daily purchases.

- - - - -

"A simple solution resolve upon a company looking on a perspective of the consumer to find ways for investors and consumers alike to save big rather harm." ~ Daily Connectivity (analytics team)

They also have a savings portfolio while paying of the loan, it is a smart way to budget while also creating a layer of security and a layer of emergency funds.

So, whether if learning to invest hard earned dollars or learning to fraction grow investment of savings, MoneyLion is a great platform to resolve a piece of a puzzle within a lifestyle.

**Bonus pts: When logging into the app everyday and swipe through the action cards, in return, receive $1 back into the savings, that's $365 free dollars per year that MoneyLion is giving for free per year per customer, WOWZAS!**Accountability at its finest! 

MONEYLION PORTAL (Exclusive Savings: Click the link below to receive $20 CASH Bonus to jumpstart Savings!)


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