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7 Ways to Increase Productivity: Understanding Viewpoints

Building a foundation where you can provide for your family and friends.

An ultimate goal, we achieve yearly.

Setting aside for those emergency funds and donating to causes alike to support belief and connectivity upon communities.

​As you should know by now, everyone in the world is living a different perspective and configuration of life. It is time to step out of the boundary of being content and staying in our bubbles.

Whether you like it or not, their seems to be lots of wishing and hoping to get closer to achieving their goals to better fit their configured desired lifestyle.

Money seems to be the tool that most have a tough time handling. We spend more than we make, it is a floating fact that it is hard to choke down sometimes, but it is definitely true, especially with the millennial period of social media platforms.

​Looking at a global perspective, their seems to be a confusion between wishing and hoping versus doing and implementing the ideas we want for our future, now, those ideas are either pending or just wishing another day. 2019 is here for change and we are giving it to you!

​Today, we are going to talk about "7 Best Practices to Understanding Viewpoints," of our different configured lifestyles and how you can become an impact by becoming a force of nature within your communities as well as personal lifestyles.

The viewpoint that I'll be explaining in will be the example of an Entrepreneur, but these steps can also be used for personal goals, business goals, or looking for a fresh layout to begin new success journeys!

​Between extroverts and introverts, their seems to be this boundary that whether you have introvert or extrovert friends, that how you should act and how one should feel upon a group.

Having an open mind on the idea upon bridging a no label policy is key to avoid conflict on interest. What do I mean by this, I simply mean not using the label for an excuse to abide by acting a certain way and using it as an escape goat to get out of situations.

By being open to someone's perspective and opinionated viewpoint, it gives the two readers to compile a solution for the problem itself instead of battling back and forth on a cause or issue where it doesn't require much energy.

​This happens in our everyday culture and lifestyle we are living now. Trends have become the new, "IT" factor and whether dressing a certain way or configuration will determine you upon having success or little to no success.

As technology moves and creates a sense of new living space within our configured lifestyles, we forget to function as humans and practicing new techniques that aren't sustainable for the economy and aren't sustainable for next generations to come, will lack the resources needed for continued success rates to improve.

Technology is a great resource, but with moderation and having the balance to work with instead of against.

So, have an open mindset to all ideas, and even if you feel like you've found the resources needed to troubleshoot a problem, have an open mind that someone else might have found a better resource and from their compile on the two ideas to create one big great idea.

What is great about working together is that we achieve greater in our overall success. Continue to keep one another accountable, if you have an idea, keep each other informed upon the idea, because a great idea can be miracles away.

Brainstorming takes a lot of effort and energy power to compile different resources and thinking outside of the box ideas to configure a product or service which benefits their readers as well as common interest.

​Thinking out of the box has to be the quickest and easiest ways to creating a profitable or purposeful idea into a resource for users-alike.

Take time on coming up with a list of 20 Ideas and simplifying those 20 down to a list of 5. How will this help simplify the idea to the right niche?

When it comes to brainstorming as an entrepreneur or service, you want to simplify the focus point on your audience.

This will help to understanding the environment and how universal the consumer is willing to come back for more information to learn more upon the service and become a trusted customer.

Example..Take the Color Cycle:
Yes, there are primary colors like RED, YELLOW, & BLUE, but how do you create GREEN and PURPLE? ~Just there brainstorming on how to combine colors forms to create a new sense of color output by bridging the brainstorm effort and compiling ideas as a group. Taking a simple concept and turning into a diversified layout of potential options of mixing colors.

​With anything that you want to create, you have to find the time and energy to find the research needed to support your cause or function of your service. Create your own brand by compiling similar interest and figure out how it will impact the environment as well as satisfaction rate.

​Layout your Plan: Create a step by step foundation on how you are going to implement the idea and how does it effect your goals. Create a Pros and Cons list.

​If you have a website or social media platform, staying engaged with your readers is key to view a deeper and trusted viewpoint on your mission statement.

We all have goals and challenges we want to accomplish, by providing that digital AI of customer service to others with similar beliefs, gives a better approach to bigger impacts in the long run.

​It is time to test your creation.

Your goal, challenge, statement, purpose, or environment that you about to reach, testing and going live online, give the benefit of new customers to view your mission or challenged goal to be inspired and to become apart their journey.

​Finally we have creating your log.

After testing and analyzing the data that you personally have set personal goals for your product or service or community forum, create a back-log.

This helps the entrepreneur learning experience to what works versus what doesn't work in the environment, to remove the unnecessary resources from the database to add better and efficient tools for better functionality.

P.S. Have fun exploring your inner strengths and inspire those around you.

​"Aspire to Inspire Not Expire" - Daily Connectivity Team

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