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3 Strategies to Improve Self Awareness

"When it comes to deciding CHANGE for yourself, habits are a great mechanism to start. Today I'll be suggesting 3 ways you can start change and how the little things in life do matter."

Strategy #1 of 3:
Taking 10 minute breaks helps chunk down what is needed to get done towards a bigger goal. 

You might think, ha, 10 minutes isn't enough time to compile all my questions and layout in a plan?

What you don't know is this is the first practice test on yourself on having PATIENCE & TIME. 

We have 24 hours in a day, half of that we spend more on eating, sleeping, and scrolling news-feed on the web. 

Time is very valuable and not using it wisely, will end up feeling you've missed out. We have goals and dreams one desires in their lifetime. 

Breaking it down to ten minutes helps the reader or thinker to be more inspired and positive on their goals and dreams, not rush to their goals and dreams, have patience and consistency with the works behind the scenes.

Strategy #2 of 3:
Break the Stigma, WE ARE HUMAN: Get to know yourself.

As I said previous most view others in labels, groups, societies, and anything you can put your hands on that you can label. 

The world is always changing, but viewing life with no labels, no judgement or assuming someone's lifestyle is pure cruel. 

It is their life, you have no right to judge that persons perspective, but your OWN if you want that change so badly to happen to YOU. 

Flashback to think back on history itself, how many generations has survived and concurred through life's battles. 

View your life by putting your foot in someone's shoes. 

You might think you are living an easy life, but you don't know how largely the world of Earth is today and how many issues and controversies the battle is still treading along. 

Once you understand your personal dreams and goals, your followers will be watching and having that as additional support on top of family and friends, gives a deeper connection on how you can understand viewers through the digital platform in ways could help someone get a job, a new view on life to treat it with better care, or to simply made a persons day by networking with like-minded creators.
Strategy #3 of 3:
Stop wishing, start doing. 

Don't wait to do the next task. 

Everyday is filled with busy schedules, places to be, getting that morning commute coffee to satisfy those long office hour days. 

It can be tricky when you have so much going on, but always in that frantic and agonizing mindset where life isn't going to plan. 

Procrastination starts creeping up week by week. 

To change your mindset on accomplishing more within your day, start by tracking and gauging your progress. 

Many like to compete against others, it is just in human nature to do so, but really COMPETE WITH YOURSELF. 

I think of it like a sport or a performance. 

We know from experience when we achieve our challenges and deadlines, we feel satisfied and well cared. 

It's an indescribable moment that helps keep you fueled to get at your goals faster and better.

- - - - - 

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