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3 Techniques to Increase Financial Credit in 2019 [works fast]

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If you haven't guessed it yet, millennial's are the next working class in today's society.

The same generational band-width of popularity as the baby boomers. 

The way we commute on the daily incorporates having communication skill sets as well as digital collaboration. In today's society, it is crazy how much of use a credit score can benefit ones lifestyle.

The past few years studying and researching the different benefits on how financially a person is able to save towards a 12-month period cycle. 

We took the time and analyzed data points in various industries to ensure our focus on finding solutions that work towards progress rather have a catch behind the product and having to tear away time and energy with the consumer where our focus is ensuring a proper discussion by doing case studies. 

We took a step back and ask the question, "Whats the Difference Between: Corporate Banking vs Digital Banking?"

Fast Forward to 2019, we have gathered our conclusion upon an extensive background on ways to save big on the daily without bank fees, yes let me say that again: NO BANK FEES!!

I've realized how corporate banks are able to advertise free checking accounts, but with in every single field of ads, there is this tiny asterisk which looks like this: [ * ]. 

If someone with poor vision, then it is something that can be definitely be missed, but lucky for us, we got clear eyes to focus on all aspects of a service given, even if we have to read the full print wayyy to the button of the page, we will read the fine print to bridge the difference and understanding.

An ad may say its free to join, but I've realized there is always a catch. We strive to out perform the daily reader by creating insights in today's innovations.

Let's take a dive deeper: Financial Outlook Review 2019 (a.k.a. "FOR 2019')

I went along looking through the national average savings account upon earning interest on your money. 

What I found was quite shocking and I'm just glad that I was able to do an extensive piece on covering as Internet of Things (I.o.T.) & technology are changing how we perform business on the daily. 

Saving you money and time and more energy towards your next actionable goal whether saving up for a vacation, vehicle, home, emergency fund, rainy day fund, you name it fund, etc.

Here is what we've found:

National Average rates (Corporate Banking) = 0.01-0.03%
Cost to open account: They say "free" but in reality it is roughly $135-$150 dollars to maintain ANNUALLY.
  • this could include monthly service fees,
  • if you didn't sign up for overdraft protection per bank has different charge fee rates on that so think of it like another bill transaction, 
  • if you try to use an ATM or non affiliate bank that affiliates the card for withdrawal of cash-they may charge a ATM fee
  • potential fees via international transfers or purchase order

National Average (Digital Banking) = 2%+
Cost to open account: $0 to maintain account
  • Welcome to the next generation of mobile banking: the power of networking
  • ATM Fees: No way! 
  • Monthly Fees: Why? ha!
  • International Fees: Get Outta Here!
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  1. What does the plus mean? 
As digital banking makes its way in our daily lifestyles, more and more consumers are looking for ways to save, whether an app that saves coupons of groceries, finding an app that catches the difference in payment when an item decreases within a period of days per product industry type. (example that could be banking, saving, credit tips, coupons code search engines)

The plus(+) means you can benefit earning a potential 3-4% extra on your savings by doing the daily action cards within the app. 

A great way to give feedback for the daily reader as well as teach health credit management. 

As the awareness and the platform grows over time, since digital banking is virtually online, the expense ratio to run and provide the service doesn't cost them a dime. 

Why? They have a great backbone, extensive research plus years of experience, great investors, great pool of networks of collaboration within the industry and a more updated 21st century feel of innovation and progress as they provide key solutions on resolving our economic outlook as an economy in our present moment.

As innovation is always creating new layers of new ideas and techniques to better service our lifestyles. It also gives the next generations to come how to financially budget correctly. 

It bridges the discussion over networking. By collaborating over the idea, the idea goes into the concept of ones mission and then bridges towards launching there service. 

We have done a great extensive background on the internet today as there are tons of creations on the daily. 

Here are our top 3 picks for 2019 on building a healthier financial portfolio:

Also providing companies we've experienced with great customer satisfaction & AI support.

Our PUN Function is: S.A.V.  ((=^_^=)) ~ "Quote of the Day: Be a Savy Saver" #savysaver

Read until the end of the article to discover our "B" bonus offer to never worry of overdraft protection

"We like puns; pun and acronyms gives us the energy to be creative as well as combine products/services that you never thought was possible. Securing digital experiences with a full technique to save on the daily." ~ Daily Connectivity (analytics team)

SELF-LENDER- pick a target to save per monthly, build interest within 12 month cycle, plus earn an increase on your credit score. We joined when they impacted 150k consumers. They are roughly at peak 200k on expanding awareness with credit efficiency and savings that counts to grow credit score for free.

Imagine roughly 7.6 Billion of consumers who haven't taken a chance to increase their credit score:
~200k divided by roughly 7.6 billion equates not even 1%, more like 0.002%. This company is going to change how we budget on the daily. Our goal @mynextfocus a year from now is to see how much of a change that has changed as well as how many consumers on the daily we are motivating to take strategies with action upon credit in general.

You can either save away $25/$48/$89/or $150 per month within a 12-month cycle upon maturity, which they take the concept of a secured loan to bridge a better way to save towards annual goals. (

ALBERT - AI ASK SUPPORT VIA EXPENSE OUTLOOK ~ (Apple Store) - connect your mobile banking to the next level. Whether questioning to purchase but not knowing the proper expense, Albert is an AI function tool which helps you save on the go.

Tracks all your subscriptions and memberships and compiles them in a simple form to see how much of your expense are going to what pool of function. Comparing this tool with many financial planner applications, nothing beats AI support like Albert. 

VAROMONEY - Earn more than 2% via opening an account. No Bank Fees & No Minimums.

Banking should be saving your money not banks making money over your money that you have saved, the industrial concept just doesn't make sense.

Take the concept of a safe box. If you were to put money in a safe box and put it away but then imagine if banks could earn money off the money that is saved in there by adding fees and monthly fees with overdraft protection. Varo doesn't follow this concept, they are focused on creating a product or innovation upon today's needs. As media portrays, the millennial's. Not only the millennial, but other generational period with financial difficulties. []

 See how much compound interest vs traditional brick and mortar banks offer Below:

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Find what our Bonus offer is? It starts with the letter B! 
Overdraft Protection (Click the link below to read our discussion upon overdraft protection) 
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There are applications that save you on the next route of payday, but as you see most applications, they only offer typically $100 or less within a period of time. Discover more and click the link to always have a backbone of $250 of overdraft protection. (tip: works great with any banks but to increase the savings pool and protection, this app and Varo has given less anxiety and frustration. Banking should be simple, not pulling strings. These applications presented are mobile friendly applications, you can find them in the store via Apple & Android smart devices.

[[The case study/experiences conducted was found via looking up the current rates as of 3.5.2019; Consumers will need to check local offerings to benefit the savings, lucky for online, we hope to bridge that difference within a digital community.]]


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